Electric at the industrial park is provided by Evergy. Evergy is the largest electric utility in Kansas and offers competitive regional electric rates that are below the national average. Evergy has the capacity to produce nearly 7,800 megawatts of energy from nuclear, wind, solar, and renewable sources. Its diverse fuel mix helps protect customers from spikes in individual energy markets.

Electric service at the park includes:
  • 69kv lines with #336 ascr conductor at on-site substation
  • 6.25 MVA transformer
  • excess capacity of 4 MVA, with room grow


Great Plains owns and operates its own water treatment facility with a capacity to treat 1 million gallons of water per day. Great Plains holds senior water rights on the Neosho River to divert 800 gallons of water per minute (1.78 c.f.s.), at an annual quantity of 200 million gallons (613.78 acre-feet). Three 250,000 gallon water towers are also owned by Great Plains and located at the industrial park. Additionally, as a member of a water assurance district Great Plains has the ability to tap into additional water resources if necessary.

Great Plains also owns and operates it own wastewater treatment facility. The facility is capable of accepting and treating industrial wastewater, if needed. 


AT&T has completed work installing new copper along with fiber optics inside the industrial park. Current dedicated speed options range from 10M all the way up to a full Gig! Locating your business at Great Plains will allow you to operate as if you were located in a large metropolitan area, but at a fraction of the cost.  

Electric Lines at the park

Tower 3 at Great Plains

AT&T Fiber Optics

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