The State of Kansas offers many tax incentives including an inventory tax exemption, research tax credits, no local income taxes and no franchise tax.

Additionally, Kansas offers a High Performance Incentive Program (HPIP), which provides an investment tax credit and other incentives to companies that pay above average wages and have a strong commitment to skills development for their workers.

Eligible Kansas businesses are also allowed to claim an expense deduction for business machinery and equipment placed into service in Kansas. This is a one-time deduction for each qualified purchase of machinery and equipment in the year that it is placed in service.

Commercial and industrial machinery and equipment acquired by qualified purchase or lease, or transferred into the state, is exempt from state and local property tax. The exemption pertains to machinery and equipment used in the expansion of an existing facility or the establishment of a new facility. The exemption covers machinery and equipment used in manufacturing or warehousing/distribution, commercial equipment, computers, desks and chairs, copiers and fax machines.  


There are several sales and use tax exemptions available. For more information on these exemptions, visit the Kansas Department of Revenue website. 


Great Plains is the only site in Kansas to offer property tax exemptions on LEASED property!

The Labette County Appraiser is responsible for setting appraised value on Real Property. 

Appraised Value x Classification Rate = Assessed Value x Mill Levy = Property Tax

Great Plains is located outside of any city limits so your business will never have an additional city tax burden that many of your competitors are subjected to. 
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