Target Industries

Our target industries - energetics, rail-served operations, warehousing, and advanced manufacturing and remanufacturing - are all supported by our regional strengths related to workforce, infrastructure and location.

Key Advantages:
  • Centrally located in the United States
  • 2 - 2,000+ acre tracts of land available in custom size requirements
  • Water and wastewater plant privately owned and currently in operation
  • Electric service provided by Evergy
  • Direct rail access to the Union Pacific - with in-place switch
  • 90 miles north of the Port of Catoosa
  • AT&T fiber optics available on-site
  • Availability of specialized workforce training through area universities, community colleges, and technical training centers


The State of Kansas and the communities surrounding Great Plains have a deep tradition of supporting hunting and outdoor shooting sports. We realize the value that these manufacturers contribute to our community and to our way of life in the Midwest. Great Plains was originally developed around the production of large scale munitions. As a result, the industrial park provides a number of advantages, including:
  • ATF-certifiable explosive storage
  • Room for explosive testing
  • Buildings to accommodate energetics production
  • Secured perimeter
  • Regulatory friendly state
  • Employee base well trained in explosives
Great Plains offers more than 135,000 square feet of magazine storage space. This space has the ability to be climate controlled and allows for the storage of a wide range of raw materials, supplies, and finished products.


Great Plains has 30 miles of rail throughout the park and is served by a direct connection to the Union Pacific Railroad. Great Plains currently has an agreement in place with Progress Rail Services (a division of Caterpillar) to provide switching service to bring railcars in and out of the park.  

A recent $1.64 million grant from the Kansas Department of Transporation provided for upgrades to more than 8 miles of the looped track system at Great Plains. The main line through the park is 100 lb. rail and can accommodate most types of traffic. The park offers access to large parcels of ground which may be needed for equipment or inventory storage. Water and power are available at any location throughout the park, and large amounts of water can be made available if needed.  You will find Great Plains the ideal location for:
  • Transloading
  • Rail car repair operations
  • Rail car clean out operations
  • Locomotive repair operations
  • Salvage operations
  • Ground storage
  • Delivery and shipping of products
Check out our video showcasing the extensive rail system in place at Great Plains. 


Originally developed for production and storage of munitions, many of the buildings at Great Plains are well-suited for warehousing and distribution operations. The industrial park currently has the following storage facilities available:
  • 19 Cold Storage Buildings
    • 21,389 sq. ft. each
    • 417' x 51.5' x 26' open rafters
    • Each unit rail and road served
    • Concrete slab floors
    • Overhead and sliding doors
    • Fire suppression systems
  • 95 Earth-mounded magazines
    • 1,220 or 1,813 sq. ft. each
    • Reinforced concrete floors and walls
    • High-security steel doors
    • Fusible thermal link venting for climate control
    • 2' earth-mounded
In addition to vast indoor storage options, the industrial park also offers large parcels which can be groomed for the storage of equipment, machinery or large component parts.


Great Plains is uniquely suited to support manufacturing and remanufacturing operations. The regional labor pool, close access to transportation, available building space, and real estate make Great Plains the perfect location for such an operation.  

Water-intensive manufacturing processes such as refining or chemical production, food processing, beverage processing, paper and textile production, and meat and dairy processing will find we can meet their needs.  

Remanufacturing is also well aligned with the assets available at Great Plains.  The industrial park provides an excellent opportunity as U.S. force reductions create the need to store, maintain or retrofit unused military assets.  Our existing facilities and regional labor force provide many options to ensure success.  If the equipment is to be reconditioned and placed back in service, it can all be completed on-site.  An abundance of indoor and outdoor storage space is available in one convenient location - a difficult commodity to find in today's market.  


Several buildings on-site are equipped with blast walls and open bays.

Rail Switch

There is an existing switch in-place off of Union Pacific's main line.

Warehouse Space in Abundance

More than 540,000 sq. ft. of warehouse space is currently available at Great Plains.

Rail-Served Manufacturing Buildings

Outstanding buildings are availabile immediately to set up your manufacturing operation.
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